Trail Life Uniform Requirements

I spoke at all four masses this weekend and the response was outstanding! Everybody is excited to get involved. We signed up about 16 boys today and even one adult volunteer! I expect even more signups after Father addresses the boys in school. They will receive a handout they can bring home to their parents/guardians with info on how to get signed up. 

Regarding uniforms:

I would encourage parents to purchase the full uniform for their sons if you have the means. Not every family will have the means, of course, so if all you can manage right now is a Troop T-Shirt or Polo, that will do just fine. Pants/shirts can only be purchased through the Trail Life Online Store. BE SURE TO READ THE SIZE CHART CAREFULLY! I would like to see every Trailman having a complete uniform by January. Refer to our main website for details on which patrol your son falls into according to age/grade.

nearly all of the boys right now are Woodlands Trail age (K-5 grade)
In the Store you will find Travel/Meeting shirts under Store->Uniforms->Woodlands

T-Shirts cost $15 (for moisture wicking) and $12 (for cotton)
Polo shirts are $22

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below. Or you can use the Contact the Troop link to send me an email and I'll get back to you.

Thanks and here's to a great Season 2018-2019!


  • Todd HammerPosted on 8/06/18

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