Modern methods for our boys!

The traditional methods of camping with wood/canvas tents and heavy patrol boxes are exhausting and impractical when we now have modern, lightweight gear to enjoy the outdoors. Our troop will be using modern gear and teaching Leave-No-Trace methods to our Trailmen so they will be prepared to continue their journey into adulthood and the outdoors fully equipped with the knowledge of modern outdoor adventuring.

Note that this only applies to our junior high and high school aged boys (Navigators & Adventurers). Elementary school aged boys (Woodlands Trail) will use regular, family-style methods of camping (family sized tents, coolers, chairs, etc). This is commonly known as "plop" camping. 

I highly recommend the following article for your reading pleasure as it includes many of the ideas we will implement for your Trailmen. Although this article was written for Boy Scout troops, it applies perfectly to the Trail Life because Trail Life was founded in the spirit of the Boy Scouts' founder himself!

Gear List for New Scouts


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